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The Fairy Ring: Portal to the Land of Fairies

Shakespeare’s Reinvention of Changeling Lore

The Mysterious Giants of the Plain of Jars

A Treacherous Beauty: The Hazards of Entering a Fairy Ring

Leaving FairyRoom and Entering the Realm

Petunia Dursley’s Magical Motivation


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Bad Fairy Case File #337: The Nixie

OFFENSES: Enchantment, Drowning, Kidnapping DESCRIPTION: Water Sprite, Half-Human Half-Fish in appearance ALIAS: Nix, Niwiht, ...
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Dodger, Flame of Sevenwaters, Windhaven

NEW: DODGER by Terry Pratchett (HarperCollins, 2012) The first thing you should know about Pratchett’s latest ...
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R. Scott Bakker’s “Why Fantasy and Why Now?”

R. Scott Bakker, both a fantasy author and a scholar with a masters in ...
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Behind the Masks

Cyndy Salisbury, a self-taught mask maker, showcases her exquisitely detailed masks in her Etsy ...
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Sculpted Paper Fairy Dolls

These are not your daughter’s paper dolls. These are better. Paper fairy dolls, sculpted ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #321: Yara Ma Yha Who

OFFENSES: Bloodsucking DESCRIPTION: Red skin, large head, suckers at the ends of hands and ...
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Green Fairy Accoutrements

The drinking of absinthe is often very ritualized activity, involving specialty spoons, glasses, sugar ...
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