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A Toast to the First of May

Western Press Gets North Korean “Unicorn” Completely Wrong

Qing Dynasty Qilin

Enchanted Encounters in Post-Victorian Fairy Tale Illustration

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“Fairy Fitzgerald” and Titania’s Changeling

John Anster Christian Fitzgerald (1819 – 1906) was one of the earlier Victorian painters ...
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Crucible of Gold, The Unnaturalists, and The Eye of the World

Here at FairyRoom we are big fans of clever alternate history premises. The Temeraire ...
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Awaken the Wood Nymphs: Earthly Masks

Tree nymphs have been conjured by artists and poets over the ages as shy, ...
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This “Flying” Fairy Doll Comes with an Elaborate Backstory and Lovely Illustrations

Fairy sisters Eva, Daria, Alexa, come from the titular realm Slightly Above Time. Newcomers ...
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From Human to Fairy in Four Simple Steps

When Tristan and I arrived at Faerieworlds on Friday afternoon, we were wearing jeans ...
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Lev Grossman on “What is Fantasy About?”

“Something is up with fantasy,” said New York Times-bestselling author Lev Grossman on his blog ...
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Enchanted Checks

Mystic World It was time for me to order personal checks a few weeks back. I ...
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