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Ariel’s Song: Come unto these yellow sands

World-Building: Even the Smallest Detail…

Why Do We Believe in Electrons, But Not in Fairies?

Fairies in the Garden, a Garden for the Fairies

Abney Park Invites You on a High Flying Adventure

The Huldufólk of Iceland


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Midnight Fairy

Jamie from FacePaintingTips.com shows us how to enhance our winged fairy motif with this ...
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Christine Warren’s “ON FAERIE AND FAERIES”

“If you were to ask the Fae about their origins,” begins Christine Warren, New ...
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Sculpted Paper Fairy Dolls

These are not your daughter’s paper dolls. These are better. Paper fairy dolls, sculpted ...
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Hand-Crafted Gnomes: Small Wonders

Last week we reported on the mysterious Telephone-Pole Gnomes of Oakland, tiny painted gnomes ...
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For the Love of Gnome

Gnomes are often depicted as jovial little men wearing red hats and a wide ...
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Dark Fairy Costuming: Eyes and Ears

Tomorrow is FaerieConWest’s Bad Faerie Ball… Whether your version of Dark Fairy involves full ...
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Howard Andrew Jones’ “On Heroes and Why We Need Them”

Howard Andrew Jones, author of the acclaimed The Desert Souls, managing editor of Black Gate ...
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