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Unwoman’s “Uncovered” Series Rewrites Pop Music History

Kate Bush: A Fairy Godmother of Modern Rock

The Fairy Ring: Portal to the Land of Fairies

The Wife of Bath’s Fairy

The Telephone Pole Gnomes of Oakland

The Faerie Folk of Cornwall


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Bad Fairy Case File #337: The Nixie

OFFENSES: Enchantment, Drowning, Kidnapping DESCRIPTION: Water Sprite, Half-Human Half-Fish in appearance ALIAS: Nix, Niwiht, ...
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The Real-Life Damage of Changeling Lore

A lot of Changeling lore focuses on the perspective of the parent: the frightening, ...
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Festival Costuming

Today we’re highlighting a ready-to-go-to-the-show look, plus a few other essentials to make sure ...
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“Fairy Fitzgerald” and Titania’s Changeling

John Anster Christian Fitzgerald (1819 – 1906) was one of the earlier Victorian painters ...
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Into the Woods, Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm, The Silmarillion

Usually, the New, Soon, and Classic features on FairyRoom are true to highlighting three ...
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Sharps, Widow’s Web, and The House with the Clock in Its Walls

NEW: SHARPS by K. J. Parker (Orbit, 2012) If you haven’t heard of K. J. Parker (I, ...
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A Note About Our Fantastic Contributors

At FairyRoom, a primary goal is to involve our community. Besides pulling together the ...
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