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Medieval Fairies: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

"Gwenhyfar" © Brian Froud

Carl Maria von Weber

Leaving FairyRoom and Entering the Realm

Mystic Places: The Giant’s Causeway and the Legend of Finn MacCool

Fairies in the Garden, a Garden for the Fairies

Myths and Legends of the Glastonbury Tor


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Mermaid, The Iron Wyrm Affair, and Dreams Underfoot

NEW: MERMAID: A TWIST ON THE CLASSIC TALE by Carolyn Turgeon (Crown, March 2012) Princess Margrethe has ...
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Contemporary Fairy Wands

We love the traditional materials used for fairy wands, but who says you have ...
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Interview with Elizabeth Malczynski, Fantasy Artist and Illustrator (Part II)

Last May, FairyRoom brought you Part I of our interview with fantasy artist Elizabeth ...
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Why Have You Put Steampunk in my Fairy World?

At a Faeriecon event this winter, this question came from a perplexed audience member ...
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The Green Fairy’s Feminist Origins

Despite low numbers of women who were Green Fairy enthusiasts and actually partook regularly, ...
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Why We Capitalize “Fantastic”

You may have noticed that, here at FairyRoom, we often capitalize the word Fantastic. ...
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From Human to Fairy in Four Simple Steps

When Tristan and I arrived at Faerieworlds on Friday afternoon, we were wearing jeans ...
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