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Enchanted Encounters in Post-Victorian Fairy Tale Illustration

31 Days of Fairy Costumes

The Sylvari: born of the Green Man and Other Folklore (Guild Wars 2)

The Wife of Bath’s Fairy

Unwoman’s “Uncovered” Series Rewrites Pop Music History

The Huldufólk of Iceland


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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Warner Brothers / New Line Cinema, 2012) is the first ...
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Weird Sisters

The weird sisters, hand in hand,Posters of the sea and land,Thus do go about, ...
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Fairy-Sized Candles

The tiniest of lights, hardly bigger than a firefly. Acorn cap candles burn for ...
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Destined, Wards of Faerie, and Thomas the Rhymer

NEW: DESTINED by Aprilynne Pike, Book Four of the Wings series (Harper Collins, May 1, ...
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A Visit to Dreadful Falls, USA

Bethany and Stacia of Dreadful Falls, USA visually transform fantasy enthusiasts with their unique ...
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Carrie Jones On “Hunting Big Foot”

When asked why she writes fantasy, Carrie Jones, author of Endure, the fourth and final ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #352: Kludde

OFFENSES: Manslaughter, Mischief  DESCRIPTION:  Giant, Black, Winged, Hairy, Ugly ALIAS:  Kleure PROVENANCE: Belgian Folklore ...
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