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Wisps in World of Warcraft: Ghosts or Fae?

Fairy Chess: not at all what you think

Oberon and Titania as Artist Muses

Enchanted Encounters in Post-Victorian Fairy Tale Illustration

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle, an alternate origin

The Strange Fairy Ring in the Remote Wooded Hills of Tirisfal Glades (World of Warcraft)


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La Fée Verte

“Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the soul. The green fairy who lives in the ...
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Floral Fairy Makeup Tutorial

If you’re ready to find your true colors, Julie from MissChievous.com presents this tutorial ...
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For the Love of Gnome

Gnomes are often depicted as jovial little men wearing red hats and a wide ...
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Elvish Alternatives to Red and Green

Santa’s helpers? Christmas elves of the movie era are well-recognized as helpful little green-and-red-clad ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #327: Alp-luachra

OFFENSES: Shape-shifting, theft, leeching DESCRIPTION: Green, tiny, sometimes invisible ALIASES: Alpluachra, Joint-Eater PROVENANCE: Irish folklore ...
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Traditional Wood Fairy Wands

Wandlore, illuminated. In his detail-rich article “The Magic Wand“, Renaissance scholar Joseph H. Peterson ...
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The Boggart has been Released on Pottermore

Earlier today, Pottermore released the first few chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner ...
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