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Unwoman’s “Uncovered” Series Rewrites Pop Music History

A Toast to the First of May

The Mysterious Giants of the Plain of Jars

“Now bring me the Luck of Edenhall!”

Abney Park Invites You on a High Flying Adventure

Where Do Fairy Rings Come From?


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FaerieCon West Goes Global for 2013 Good Faerie and Bad Faerie Balls

Faeries, sprites, time travelers and their kindred spirits are buzzing, planning, scheming and dreaming ...
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Hand-Crafted Gnomes: Small Wonders

Last week we reported on the mysterious Telephone-Pole Gnomes of Oakland, tiny painted gnomes ...
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Festival Costuming

Today we’re highlighting a ready-to-go-to-the-show look, plus a few other essentials to make sure ...
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D. M. Andrews on the Real Power of Fantasy Writing

D. M. Andrews, author and self-publication promoter, discusses the importance, not only of through ...
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What Happens With Wings…

It was years ago, at the Folklife Festival in Seattle, when Noelle Faulkner of ...
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Victorian Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk is heavily influenced by the romantic and overly-ornate Victorian era fashion, which can ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #352: Kludde

OFFENSES: Manslaughter, Mischief  DESCRIPTION:  Giant, Black, Winged, Hairy, Ugly ALIAS:  Kleure PROVENANCE: Belgian Folklore ...
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