A FairyRoom Focus on Fantastic Fiction

Here at FairyRoom we believe that the cornerstone of fantasy is story. Ancient oral myth grew into epic poem, grew into medieval tale, and then came the printing press. It didn’t take long after the novel came on the scene in the 18th century for the Fantastic to engage. Magical worlds held in precarious balance, heroes, antiheroes, reluctant heroes, villains of mythic proportion, fellowships, unlikely alliances, adventures, quests, legends, battles, curses, prophesies, chosen ones — it’s the stories that inspire the art that inspire more stories that echo the ancient myths…

Every Wednesday you can expect something here about books—whether it be our New, Soon, and Classic spotlight on books, or our Author Features excerpt of an author’s essay, or some other way to celebrate Fantastic stories that we haven’t yet imagined. Every Wednesdays — we love the stories that much.

What do you want to see here? The cornerstone of this magazine is you, our readers. What new book are you excited about? Which author never disappoints? Which classic characters have stayed with you? Do some archetypes speak better to you than others? When you look for a new book or author, what is your criteria? Tell us what upcoming books you are excited about, and which books you reread.

And we will see you here on Wednesdays… Maybe even more often.