Bright Spring Costuming

Here’s a look to harken in spring! More short intro to costume pairings to come…

There’s no vocal tutorial in this video; the only sound is music (“Why Oh Why” and “Around the World” by ATC.) Feel free to mute it and play whatever music you like!

What stands out: magicalprettyblog uses a couple of awesome, unusual materials in this look. First, to get the intricate swirls around her eyes, instead of using liquid eyeliner, like you’d expect she uses temporary tattoos. That will save the beginner a lot of time, makeup remover, and frustration at her unsteady hands. As a final touch, she adds some pretty little yellow and green somethings—the makeup artist’s blog is in Hungarian, but using handy Google translate, we figured out that those accents are dried flowers! What a great, all-natural touch—very fairy. I love that she uses a whole spectrum of colors, without going totally rainbow-bright.

A Couple of Fantastic Products used: It’s not clear what products she used, but you can get sequins at most craft stores, as well as dried flowers—or you can press and dry some flowers yourself! If you want a big palette of high-pigment shadow like she uses, we love this 44-color set from Coastal Scents. It’s got great reviews and it’s often compared to MAC which is known for its vibrant, long-lasting pigmented colors. For the tattoos, you’ve got a lot of options—try the quarter machines in the doorways at the drugstore. Or take a look on Etsy—we love these Elvish writing tattoos, based of Tolkien’s illustrations in The Lord of the Rings. Or find some pattern images you like and print them out on temporary tattoo paper. Here’s one pretty similar to what magicalprettyblog uses:

Pair it with: Why not play on the dried flower theme and wear flowers as jewelry, too? This pendant from AhoyAhmisa is made from a real Hibiscus flower petal, set in a synthetic hardening material. It’s not necessarily meant to be Fantastic, but you know fairies would appreciate the focus on the simple beauty of nature. This piece would also tie in nicely to the dark purple used on the lids in the video.

Try this out and show us your results!