Cloaks For All Occasions

A classic vestment, a cloak proves efficacious in dramatic statement, adding a sense timelessness to the formal, theatrical, and the every day. And it always makes a Fantastic statement on the shoulders of any festival goer.A one-of-a-kind vintage masterpiece by Etsy’s Leggende Segrete, this stunning cloak (above) boasts silver metal fasteners upon cotton jacquard in blue-gray and yellow. The shapely hood and collar with a heavy cape create a distinguished look for men and women alike. You’re sure to get noticed at FaerieCon in this!

For an artful culmination of full druid style hood:

Full costumes by irishandmore on Etsy feature this cloak in flowing panne velvet cape and metallic ribbon trim (above). We appreciate the shimmery quality of the fabric. It reminds us of Fantastic fairy wings. Perhaps pair it with a Fantastic beaded headpiece for a complete look.

The long, pointy hood on this next cloak feels elven…

…and the wide wrists, and panel-work add the the charm of this gypsy-style recycled material cloak (above). Combining the practical comfort of your favorite sweater (we like how the sleeves have thumb holes), and the vibrancy of an heirloom quilt, Etsy’s Enchanted Ground showcases a resourceful masterpiece, the “Grape Soda Pop” cloak in varying shades of purple with an array of textures adorned with ornate buttons. Less of a cloak / more of a coat red/autumn version  Recycled Fairy Pixie Dream Sweater is equally as dramatic. We also love it in spring green.

Even if you’re just going about your everyday, dressing up a bit can make any day Fantastic.