Fantastic Beaded Headpieces

The exquisite Fairy steps out in a beaded head wreath or crown to announce her presence. For your own individual expression, there are a variety of styles and a wide price range to explore.

Make a statement with a headpiece by Twisted Whimsy.  Shakespeare’s Titania, Queen of the Fairies, a character of strong feminine presence, is the inspiration for this bold and colorful piece.The colors of water glimmer in this piece by Hippie Bride (below) to reflect your inner aquamarine fairy. This piece is on the high end of the pricing scale at $265.

Caley Johnson of Miss G Designs creates truly one of a kind, exotic headpieces using large flowers and beads like this one below:

On the more affordable end is this 4-in1 headpiece by Phenomena Jewelry for $40. With a dragonfly motif and all a-shimmer with beads and crystals, this piece can be customized.

Cross the Dark Queen of the Snow White fairy tale with a Downton Abbey flapper for this exquisite headpiece by LoCoco Rouge (at right). The price reflects the unique combination of materials and crafting; black beads and sequins, leather, lace, and rooster feathers, sewn by hand.

We couldn’t find a DIY for beaded headpieces that we liked enough to include here on FairyRoom, but we’ll keep looking (do you know of one?). In the meantime, we will continue to explore Fantastic headpieces and bring them to you here, in FairyRoom’s costuming section.