Kate Bush: A Fairy Godmother of Modern Rock

FairyRoom is happy to post our first article in our Fairy Godmothers of Modern Rock series, celebrating fantasy’s most influential women, their muses and the spells they cast upon us.

 One can only imagine the dancing fairies and mischievous pixies that whispered imaginative tales, poetry and melodies into the ears of Kate Bush as a child. Kate’s piercing, glass shattering octave enchanted as many people as it repelled; her songs transported us to far away places on legendary adventures with characters fresh from the pages of Bronte, Tennyson and Joyce.

“Delius (Song of Summer)” is the mystical gateway to her third album, Never For Ever (EMI 1980). Part homage to composer Frederick Deluis, part tumble down the rabbit hole, this song played on an endless loop as the soundtrack of my lost childhood summers in the family garden. With Kate in my heart, knighted frogs in the distance and an army of trees by my side, we protected our fortress from the forces of evil.

This video, lifted here from a long lost TV special, showcases Kate in all her Good Fairy glory; she’s like an angel ready to take flight the moment you make a wish.

These days, Kate spends much of her time tucked away in her own private garden, raising her son and slow simmering batches of new songs like last year’s acclaimed 50 Words For Snow.