Mother & Child Fairy Art

Happy Mother’s Day weekend from FairyRoom! We’d like to celebrate with an enchanting collection of fairy mother and child art, beginning with this classic pen-and-ink piece by Joan Kiddell-Monroe (which was downloaded by me about ten minutes ago for my daughter and me to color in together for our Mother’s Day tomorrow). Here’s to an enchanted weekend!

This image of a mother fairy delicately carrying her baby over to the tulip flower was illustrated for the story “The Tulip Bed” by James Reeves and was included in English Fables and Fairy Stories (Oxford University Press, 1954). The book is now long out of print, but we found it on ebay… Next, an expressive set of fairy mother and child dolls:

Dollmaker Kaerie Faerie of Central Florida creates puppet like handmade dolls with clay ball joints and removable clothing, because, as she says “faeries like to dance naked in the moonlight.” (I love the hair!) She offers her dolls exclusively at her Etsy store… And onto some art prints:

Using markers and colored pencils, Michael Dyer of Washington State posted his Fairy Mother & Child (above, with the blue wings) to his deviantart page. I love the elfin ears!

Painting in bright yellow watercolor (at right, with the purple wings), Nicole Wong, of Fall River, Massachusetts, is full-time illustrator of magazines, children’s educational and trade books. I love the way the two are looking at each other. Nicole offers her work on ebay and her store.

Jessica Galbreth‘s “Innocence” (left) can be widely found in both ceramic and print. I love the way the baby is holding his mother — so authentic! Jessica’s site is currently down (we will update when we have a good link), but whose work is vividly shown in The Enchanted World of Jessica Galbreth.


And elegantly in cross-stitch, Joan Elliot, whose work makes me wish I had paid more reverent attention when my own mother tried to teach me needlework (my mother is a master at it). Joan’s patterns are available to purchase in her books — we think this fairy mother & child is included in Bewitching Cross Stitch. (If we are mistaken, we will correct shortly.)

Happy Mother’s Day from me to mine, and from FairyRoom to all!