Spring Flower Fairy Party

With spring in full blossom, we think a flower fairy themed party is a smile-worthy idea for anyone, at any age. We’ve gathered a few Fantastic ideas that will hopefully be the start of some spring get-togethers, or perhaps a birthday party for a youngster.

Simple and elegant fabric flower bouquets make a clever invitation to a flower fairy party, or can serve as a thoughtful keepsake favor. Appropriate for any child or grownup party, they can be used as decorations long after the party is over. The ones available at lovely little parties can be ordered in three different palettes, and while suggested as cake toppers, could easily used in just about any way your imagination takes you. We like the idea of DIY party tags in translucent, fairy wing-like vellum.

Fairy flower lights are a versatile springtime accent for stringing about the house, or an outside party area. Homelife provides the supplies needed along with instructions, and from there you could add your own personal touches to make them yours. They are simple to make; keep them spare and elegant for the grown-ups, or have kids decorate their own for an artistic party activity. Either way, we always like the hint of fairy and flowers together — and the twinkle of lights provides a Fantastic touch!

DIY: Perhaps offer an area at your party where you’ve gathered a pile of silk (or real!) flowers, raffia, wire, and a glue gun. Flower fairy circlets can be a fun craft idea for any partygoer, regardless of age; they are fun to make and wear. We think the ones featured at stars for streetlights are Fantastic! There are myriad ways to make them: try attaching the flowers to your sandals for extra accessorizing, add in glittery stuff if you’re feeling sparkly, or keep it leafy for the men at your party. Easy enough for smaller kids to do with adults around to supervise, this craft can be scaled for any level of expertise, since you’re never too old to embrace your inner fairy.