Fairy Footwear, From Brownie-Sized to My Size

Folklore names the common Brownie (also known as the House Fairy, the Hob, or to Lowland Scots, the Urisk) to be a helpful fairy, hurrying about while the household sleeps performing nightly housecleaning in exchange for food or for small gifts left around the house. Brownies are traditionally little creatures, so small they could stand on a penny.

Perhaps inspired by these wee folk, talented artisans have crafted their vision of wee fairy shoes, and we’ve brought a couple of examples to share. These Fondosus Fairy Boots (below), one of 17 exquisite tiny pair we found at Faerie Magazine‘s Fairy footwear store-page.

Below, Nell’s Embroidery takes a more woodlands-fairy approach to the same idea in their folklore inspired collection of hand-crafted miniature wool shoes. At approximately 5″, these golden-colored shoes (immediately below) are among the biggest this artist makes. The lavender ones below that are barely 3″.

And for bigger-than-a-coin feet, Zave’s Felt (below) makes custom adult-sized fairy slippers (below) with wonderful flair. I’d feel like a fairy myself if my toes looked like these.

DIY: The Nature of Grace invites you to get crafty with this tutorial on how to make fairy shoes out of ones you may already be wearing, like the ones pictured below.