One Man’s Utter Devotion To His Granddaughter’s Imagination

To celebrate Father’s Day, we bring to you this fantastic story that we found about a little girl who “lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes fairies,” and the day she gave her grandfather flying lessons.

The grandfather, having been told by his granddaughter that he would never fly because he had no wings, rectified the situation. The granddaughter, delighted to see her grandfather newly be-winged, grabbed her pixie dust (aka glitter), and immediately led him outside to give him Fantastic flight lessons.

Said Liz, the mom-of-daughter, daughter-of-grandfather (and blogger at Nap Time Decorator where the story originates and can be read in full with additional images)

Dad went to a party store, and asked one of the workers to help him try these on, then wore them in line, in the parking lot, in the car, and to our house. In wingsGlittery wings. 67 year old man. All to make his granddaughter happy.

This is one of those stories that remind us of how beautiful and meaningful it is to extend a suspension of disbelief and engage a child in fantasy play.

Happy Father’s Day from everyone at FairyRoom!