Tiffany Trent On “My Favorite Things”

It’s easy to see what Tiffany Trent, author of the Hallowmere series loves about the Fey. So many writers and readers are intrigued by the possibility of what might be, of the barely visible. For Trent, she specifically cites the mystery that surrounds the Fey as what pulls her in and keeps her intrigued. She says:

“To me, they represent an understanding of nature long lost and forgotten, especially in the modern world. Fragile as tree branches, tyrannical as tempests, the Fey both beckon and discourage us from following into the forgotten wilderness where they lead… Such richness begs exploration and is the reason why I feel we’re so fascinated with them. It’s the classic postmodernist “Other” literary theorists are so fond of tossing about.

“Beyond my love for dark Fey Princes, (I really like male characters that on the surface seem emotionally distant, but within are churning with emotion, driven by some powerful need or ambition), I like the idea of a land peopled with beings we can’t see except out of the corners of our eyes or feel except as brushes of fingers against our shoulders. That is, unless we learn to see. Then one day perhaps a moth will sit on our windowsill and look at us with an understanding that’s beyond human or animal. Or a rabbit will smile at us as it crosses the road in front of our car. It’s a great shame to me that America has lost its Fey for the most part—too few of us know of the Little People of the Cherokee or the Kachina (who I loosely classify as Fey) of the Hopi. How empty our land feels…”

  • This is only part of Trent’s essay. Read the rest of her original piece for more about her thoughts on the intersection of the Fey and human worlds as well as Fey immortality where it was published on Shveta Thakrar’s blog during her Three Days of Fey series of essays and interviews from young adult authors who write about fairies.
  • In the Serpent’s Coils is the first of the Hallowmere books which begins as a dark, historical fantasy series with Corrine whose dreams have been filled with fairies warning her of impending peril since her parents died in the Civil War.  When she’s sent to live at Falston Manor, she thinks she’s escaped the danger stalking her. Instead, the dreams grow stronger, just as girls begin disappearing from school.
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Tiffany Trent is an award winning author who has completed 6 of the 10 books in the Hallowmere series and is the author of numerous short stories and novels. She currently lives in the New River Valley of Virginia where she writes, plays with her bees, and loses herself in her jungle of a garden.