What Happens With Wings…

It was years ago, at the Folklife Festival in Seattle, when Noelle Faulkner of Firebird Fae Couture witnessed what wings can do.

I remember one time in particular, a teenage girl came into my booth wearing cargo pants and a hoodie. She would barely make eye contact with me but couldn’t take her eyes off the faerie wings. I encouraged her to try them on, assuring her that she was welcome to play with them as much as she wanted, no obligation to purchase, and that it was helpful to have someone demonstrating them. She shyly picked out a pair and put them on. At first she would only sway back and forth, her arms at her sides, but soon she was twirling and dancing about the courtyard, her beautiful face shining. She was amazing!

She stayed and played for hours.

For wings in action, visit Noelle at her Firebird booth this coming weekend at Valhalla Renaissance Faire, or next month’s Faerieworlds. For immediate wings in motion, click play:

To learn more about Noelle, stay tuned to FairyRoom. We’ll be featuring her and her stunning textiles as a part of our Fantastic community.