Leaving FairyRoom and Entering the Realm

Once upon a time, the land of Faerie joined for one magical weekend with the land of humans in a meadow outside the town of Eugene, Oregon. The air was filled with the music of harps and violins, the chiming of bells, and the laughter of many strange and wonderful creatures. Where once an open meadow had stood, a city of tents and pavilions sprang up with bright colored streamers and banners proclaiming the Faerieworlds festival had arrived. Iridescent wings of green and gold, pink and yellow, blue and red, and every color imaginable caught the sunlight and threw back rainbows through the crowd of humans and Fantastic creatures gathered in the pathways of the spontaneous magical village.

At the center of the festival grounds was a wide-open court adorned with a circle of standing stones. Fairies danced in and out of the circle and all around the court, wings flashing, ribbons flying, and jewels sparkling.

Any wanderer seeking shade or the comfort of food and drink could turn right at the end of the court and find a welcoming cheery company at Oberon’s Traveling Tavern, or journey a bit further for all manner of otherworldly treats and hearty human fare. Travelers were wise to be weary, however, for if they wandered too far they would find themselves in Neverworlds, the shadiest corner of the Faerieworlds festival grounds; the rebel Puck held court over the rowdiest fauns at Puck’s Grotto, and nearby in the shade of the forest’s edge was rumored to be a haunt of pirates, and a frequent stomping ground of ogres. Ultimately, there was no need for fear, for it was discovered that the ogres and pirates of the woods had a fondness for children that melted their icy hearts, and children abounded in that part of the festival.

Music could be heard wherever you went, whether it was one of the big acts on the main stage or a violinist who laid down a carpet in an open space and started to play. Musicians ingrained in the fantasy community were there, as well as first-time-at-Faerieworlds performers who might not have realized what a fantastic audience they would have in fairies.

There were so many little details that made this event special: a couple was married there this weekend (pictured below). A local ice cream company, not normally very Fantastic, renamed their sizes pixie, sprite, and fairy and adorned themselves in horns and wings to honor the event. Lost cash was returned. A first aid booth gave away a seemingly endless supply of sunscreen. The staff themselves had a truly endless supply of smiles and helpful directions. Even the bruised grass underfoot smelled sweet and fresh in the summer air. The less you would fit in anywhere else, the more you were celebrated here. Kindness, acceptance, and the enjoyment of beauty and nature were the rule of the day.

While we were trying on a set of soft wings at Firebird Fae Couture—a fabulous vendor Fairyroom just so happened to have profiled in June—someone told one of the shop fairies that she bought her first cloak there on her first day of her first visit to Faerieworlds years ago. The shop fairy replied, “It was love at first fair.”

We know the feeling.

We found so many things to share with you over these past few days. Look forward to features and profiles of many vendors and musical acts that attended Faerieworlds over the coming year until we can all enter the realm again at Faerieworlds 2013.

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