Fabric Fairy Dolls

With myriad textures, a full spectrum of colors, and every sheen under the sun at artists’ fingertips, fabric lends itself beautifully to highly creative endeavors. Designing a fairy (in any medium) stretches the imagination past edges. Put the two together: Fabric+Fairy and turn it into a doll and Wow! We found four fantastic fabric fairy artisans to feature, ranging from highly collectible to highly whimsical.

Reaching a stately 18 inches, this one of a kind, made-to-order fairy doll with knee-cap flowers has moveable joints so she can sit, stand, or hang from a string. Hand-painted on cloth with silk and beading, “Fairy Doll with a Tiger-Art Doll” (above) is the work of Madison, Wisconsin’s Charlotte Johnson of MomyJo’s Rag Doll, and priced for the collector.

The next of the collectible fabric fairy doll selections we found is Annie the Butterfly Fairy (below, and at left) from London’s Cherry Cottage Crafts. Exquisitely soft-sculpted and meticulously hand-painted with moveable joints, Annie’s expressive face is a joy, but look how her hair and wings take advantage of so many textures. And while she might be appropriate for doll play, we think she’s enchanting just to look at.

Auburn, Washington fabric doll artist Chellie Lynn Merriman features these delicate handmade fairy godmothers, each trimmed with glittery wings and crowns made of crystal beads. She also has line of fairy tale figures, including this ethnic Alice in Wonderland cloth art doll dressed in a vintage floral print, adorned bloomers, and striped stockings, which we love.

Rounding out our fabric fairy doll selections with the most whimsical and non-traditional of the bunch, this 13 inch Myopic Fairy Princess doll created by Marpez might make a delightful gift for a young girl… or perhaps to sit in the bookshelf in your favorite bespectacled professional’s office.