Faerieworlds Day 2

So. Much. To. See!

One of the phenomenal dragon sculptures from Unicorns n Dragons. Such a personality in this friendly face!

An emerald green fairy dancing during Trillian Green. I was so inspired by how many people were dancing alone—or while spinning staffs and twirling polls—during performances, just feeling the music.

Not only was I very happy to see how many of the vendors took major credit cards, especially as I realized that I was definitely going to go over the budget I set for myself at the ATM, but I was delighted by how some of the vendors made the convenience a little more fairy, like the people at BAD Art Goblin Shoppe.

What is this, you ask? Oh, a teapot. I’m not sure how you pour, but you fill the top tentacle with tealeaves to steep. I was surprised by how much octopus-themed stuff I saw. Are the eight-legged sea dwellers a facet of fairy that we weren’t told about?

Fishing wire was hung in between trees in Neverworlds, and ribbons were hung off them. Then anyone who wanted to wrote a wish, or a quote, or a blessing on a piece of paper and clipped it to the ribbons. So lovely!

Tristan tried on many ears from many vendors before he decided on the pair he ended up with—shots of his full costume, completely purchased at Faerieworlds, coming soon! These chartreuse wing clips from Atilier Massa weren’t his final choice, but aren’t they lovely? Someone in the booth fitted him with a matching vest!

Matching mother and child fairies (you can’t quite see, but the fairy in red is pulling a wagon of young fairies behind her).

I loved the

There weren’t many fairies in quite this full a costume, not surprising considering the unrelenting sun. This green man, in all the changing colors of leaves, looked so amazing!

A gorgeous Faerieworlds paperweight from Turtle Time Glass.

More tomorrow! So tired! So much dancing! So much walking! So much fairy!!