Festival Costuming

Today we’re highlighting a ready-to-go-to-the-show look, plus a few other essentials to make sure you have a really good time in Eugene this weekend or at any other music festival you go to this summer.

What stands out: Few things make me giddier than seeing eyeshadow put all over the face—it’s like grownup face painting. Our teacher Klaire, of the fantastic Makeup is Art YouTube channel is not afraid of getting color everywhere. This look is uniquely asymmetrical, creating the effect of being caught in the middle of a passing rainbow or the the remnants of a fairy wand’s spell. As long as you choose colors that compliment each other and you blend, blend, blend, there is a lot of room for error in this look. Colors don’t have to be placed exactly where Klaire placed them. Make this look your own!

A couple of fantastic products used: You can find a full list of products used in Klaire’s description of her video. There are a lot! She gets that even circles pattern by using fruit netting, the stuff gardeners use to keep birds away from their fruit plants. Check what your local garden department has to offer! You can use fishnet tights for the same effect—and maybe make those tights work double duty at Faerieworlds by incorporating them into a costume!

Vacations—festival-based or otherwise—are a great reason to buy eyeshadows in palettes. No need to go through your whole makeup bag—just toss a compact palette in your carryon and go. Klaire uses a huge 120-color palette, but you could get a similar look with this True Romance Eye Shadow Palette by Kat Von D, complete with eyeliner. All you need is something for the pattern effect, some false eye lashes, and some serious glitter and you’re ready to follow this tutorial!

Pair it with: We are so excited to see all the costumes at the festival this year, but if your fairy style is a little lower key, these rainbow yoga pants might be just the thing! Hand-dyed by a Montanan artisan, these pants are bright and festive while still being comfortable enough for walking and dancing for three days straight. They’ll go very nicely with the rainbow face treatment shown in the video.

Don’t forget these other Faerieworlds essentials: 

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses and hats. According to the forecast right now, it’s going to be partly cloudy all weekend—perfect festival weather—but don’t be fooled! It’s still super easy to get sunburned if you don’t cover up.
  • Lip balm with some SPF protection. It’s pretty humid in Eugene, so your lips probably won’t be extra dry, but they will need some extra protection from the sun.
  • Portable hand sanitizer. Finding a sink with soap and towels is going to be harder and harder as the weekend goes on. Take cleanliness into your own hands.
  • Jacket, sweater, or even a rain poncho. It’s not going to be sunny all the time. The festival goes until midnight every night! And there is a 20% chance of rain today, so you never know.
  • Deodorant. Enough said.

Did we miss anything? What do you think is essential in the realm?