Hand-Crafted Gnomes: Small Wonders

Last week we reported on the mysterious Telephone-Pole Gnomes of Oakland, tiny painted gnomes that have added whimsy and life to otherwise ordinary streets. We encourage taking this to an even more granular level and bring gnome-personality to your yard and home.

Charming needle felted pocket gnomes (pictured above) are made to order by Etsy’s Feltasaurus with hand-dyed wool, boasting all of 2.5” inches in height and very bushy little beards. We love the idea of these pocket-sized gnomes traipsing across a lawn or setting up post in flower pots, guarding the garden. In case of inclement weather, bring the little guys in to a windowsill or bookcase. Get yourself a customized clan of gnomes; hat and jacket color combinations are chosen by the buyer.

Even smaller and possibly more enchanting are the ½” tall hand-made air clay gnomes by poplaucard on Etsy, pictured below.

These hand-shaped, painted, gloss-varnished treats come in threes and are not mold-made — your gnomes will be similar, but not identical. FairyRoom’s editor-in-chief just bought a set to lord over her desk from atop her monitor (though she anticipates that one or two might get conscripted for her daughter’s dollhouse — we shall see).

Want to create your own small delight? LivingCrafts.com posted this step-by-step tutorial for making “Frost Gnomes,” so named for the icy hues of their wool felt apparel. Part of a series of easily made crafts for a variety of occasions, this how-to is a simple and fun way to begin your own gnome bunch.