Fantastic Anime

FairyRoom strives to make our wide and varied community feel a little smaller and a lot more connected. Our goal with this series: to seek out people who support our community in their own Fantastic way, starting with artisans and crafters whose stalls line fantasy fairs and FaerieCons — the folk who keep us in wings, fairy dust, bodices, and for-the-day elven ears and horns. Today we’d like to introduce…

Alexandra Haley used to draw portraits of real people, but inspired by video games, anime, fantasy and pirate events, and the pictures her daughter brings home from school, she is captivated by the Fantastic, especially with strong women as subjects. (But we found a couple of male fairies in portfolio, and we love this guy—the ears!)

"FireFly" by Alexandra Haley@Fine Art AmericaWhen did your fairy interest first begin? What motivated you to start your career?

One of my first works was a portrait of my then-idol Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I was only 11! Then I got a new computer when I was in seventh grade, and soon discovered Amy Brown’s art. I told my mother that someday I wanted to be just like her.

"Winter" by Alexandra Haley@Fine Art AmericaWhat followed was a discovery of Anime—my first was Sailor Moon. I am a fan of Anime’s unusual hair and big expressive eyes!

I am a self-taught artist with a love of bright colors and exotic figures. My artwork is a mix of the Anime Japanese cartoon style with the shading and detail of the traditional faerie artwork.

Do you have a favorite fairy character in literature or folklore? Who is it and why?

My favorite Faerie creature would have to be Loreley. I love the beautiful but dangerous aspect of her and the lore that goes with it. [Fairyroom editors add a bit about Loreley: She was a maiden of extraordinary beauty who lived in the Rhine River. She would come out only at night, climb to a high rock where she would sit and sing and comb her beautiful golden hair. She had a huge power over all who listened to her song. Boatmen and fishermen were so enchanted by her wondrous songs that they forgot to guide their boats, which drifted about, and were finally dashed to pieces on the rocks.]

"Autumn" by Alexandra Haley@Fine Art America

What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

The creative process is by far the most enjoyable for me. I do love to wander various faerie events picking up ideas for future work. Then the fun part begins when I start working with my digital pen on a Cintiq monitor! My favorite program is Photoshop. I make sure to have some inspirational music going on my headset, because I need the music to move my ideas to the paper fluidly.

Choosing a color palette is fun, but the best part is the shading that makes my “faerie” come to life. And to those who are may be interested in this field or any other art form, listen to your inner voice. You just never know what is going to light up your imagination!

Where can we find your fairy work and what can we expect in the future?

This is my first published interview and I am so pleased to be part of your website! Be on the lookout for my new zodiac coloring book that is currently in development as well as a unique jewelry art form. For future production announcements, thanks for checking my Facebook Fan page, or online at Fine Art America.

And if you are ever in Bremerton, WA, check out Averbury Mystikals or visit their website. They carry my seasonal print/card collection!

Thank you, Alexandra!

Many people make great contributions to the Fantastic community every day. We couldn’t possibly highlight everyone, but if you know an individual (or group) who is doing something Fantastic, please let us know!