Voluptuous Vogue

Feminine and striking, embody the fairy with feathers, satin, and lace. Don dazzling tailor-made costumes for prom, weddings and burlesque—stately and sybaritic for a Fantastic soiree or festival.

Etsy’s Olga Italy specializes in burlesque corset costumes, and we find this green gypsy corset to be truly exquisite. Verdant green satin and flowing black lace implies gossamer wings.

Another lustrous masterpiece, a corset style bustier (below, right), is designed by sajeeladesign on Etsy and features iridescent peacock feathers. Like the fluttering of fairy wings, they shudder about the bodice as you move! Complete with removable straps, this sexy peacock corset is a stunner.

Comely emerald green taffeta (below, left), black satin bias and drop beading add to the stand-out character of this stellar steel boned corset, finished with soft cotton lining for comfortable wear. An impeccable fit is ensured as maker Amy of BattieClothing on Etsy provides a detailed measurement form with instructions for first timers.

Lavish, otherworldly costumes have a transformative quality – let the fun begin when you wear your heart and your fantasies on your sleeve!

Next up, steampunk corsets!