Enchanted Checks

It was time for me to order personal checks a few weeks back. I like to switch designs with each new box (because I can), and in light of all the enchantment in my world since FairyRoom launched, I thought, Perhaps fairy checks?

Mystic World

I am not sure why I was surprised when I found a plethora of viable choices. Perhaps I was expecting Tinkerbell, Anne Geddes, and Cicely Mary Barker and not a lot else. Naive of me. I found myself wading through fairy-theme designs covering a wide spectrum—from pretty, to sexy, to cutesy, to goth, and more. And there are gnomes, elves, pixies, hobbits, and at one point I saw centaurs (but I can’t find my way back to the page, so maybe I conjured it, ha!).

In the end I selected an elegant set of four Nene Thomas designs, one of which is above. But it was a tight decision against the Amy Brown option. I quite liked the Amy Brown designs, though decided that I didn’t want inspirational words on my checks (example in purple, below), and didn’t run across the alternate choice (in green, in the gallery at the end of the post) until after I ordered.

It’s important to note that the images of the checks are significantly more saturated online than when you get them in front of you (for obvious reasons). For instance, I am willing to bet that the red hat on this gnome check pictured below is not nearly this red in real life.

The best resource I found was this single page indexing fairy themes from several vendors. But other options are to be had. For instance, Hobbits, anyone? I found elves, too, but they are quite cartoony.

Some more fairy check designs follow in this wee gallery, but there are surely some that I missed. Feel free to post them in the comments!