Fairy and the Machine: Steampunk Necklaces

Why have you put fairies on my steampunk jewelry? Why, because it looks Fantastic! This genre of pseudo Victorian era jewelry renders utilitarian objects fashionable. Collected here are some pieces that incorporate a touch of the fae, satisfying our fascination with the anachronistic splendor that Steampunk embodies with an ethereal, whimsical edge.

Lynette Lewis and Beth Sacco of Sacramento bring us the splendid Fairy on Grandfather Clock Gear necklace (above). Available on their Mortal Coil Designs Etsy page, this one-of-a-kind piece is handmade in their shared workspace where they specialize in mixed-media jewelry. A delightful fairy figure of brass is the focal point for this miniature conglomeration of Steampunk and Fantasy elements, including pocket watch parts, brass filigree, and Swarovski crystal.

This small, but detail-rich pendant packs heaps of character at only an inch in diameter (right). Bringing to mind a diorama, the Steampunk Fairy Necklace by Christina Harkins of GearWear evokes a feeling of glimpsing into a world not your own, with a sweet childlike fairy juxtaposed to appear as if playing amidst the gears.

And to compliment your Steampunkness, a couple of beautiful pieces pictured below. Sadly, this wonderful Fairy Cameo Pendant (below, right) is no longer available, but it caught our attention for its antiquity and charm. A cameo, not inherently Steampunk, is nevertheless solidly Victorian, and a simple and elegant statement. Artist Naamah Vonhell attached this ivory fairy pendant to an antique bronze chain, linked by a single black bead. (Note: She has several cameos, and perhaps a fairy might reappear in her shop.)

Another pendant that would fit right in with any “traditional” gear+goggle Steampunk ensemble, this Fairy Door Locket necklace (above, left) is the creation of ThatsSoCool Studio. Shirley, the shop owner, says that “This locket is for serious steampunkers,” but we think it would also nicely work with just about any fairy outfit — the romanticism of the functional object is in play here, most notably the peach blossom placed thoughtfully where the pendant meets the antique brass chain, hinting at the magic waiting on the other side.

The functionality of the Industrial age and Fantastic feel of the fairy world: the juxtaposition is too juicy to ignore. These are just a few of our favorite pieces, steeped in nostalgia and the beauty of precise craftmanship. We hope you are as enamoured with these pieces as we are and will share your look with us should you choose to incorporate them!