On Feathered Wings

Legend says that whomever carries a feather plucked from the wings of a veela can subdue her mercurial nature. The veela (or vila, wila, or wili), a fairy-like nymph spirit steeped in Slavic folklore, is known as much for both her beauty as for her tempestuous tendency to summon storms upon unsuspecting travelers. Her captured feather offers a means to control this typically ephemeral creature, but if she manages to snatch it back, she vanishes completely.

Want to capture a little Fantastic finesse of your own? Here are some readily available, respectfully acquired options — no stealing, controlling or vanishing involved!

These peacock feather fairy wings (above) are artfully crafted by Amanda for MindaFeathers out of Rockland, Massachusetts. All of Amanda’s creations are cruelty free, as she uses feathers from her own well cared-for pet peacocks! (Peacock feathers are a great favorite for fairy wings — see a couple more peacock feather wings at the end of this article.)

Uber Kio out of Asheville, NC specializes in miniature top hats and feather wings, and her arrangements are simply and thoughtfully executed with a winsome flair. Pictured at right, and at very top of this article (with the bright ginger hair): a few of her custom wings. Click around her Etsy shop to see all the different sizes — some can reach 3-foot wing span when completed. She uses primary flight turkey feathers that are either naturally striped or can be dyed. Dyed pheasant feathers are also wing material of choice for this artist.

When just a dash of levity is desired, try a headpiece! Owllamode Designs brings us the Brown and Cream Feather hair clip, just one of many dazzling pieces created by the lovely Lisa Van Wambeck of Buffalo, NY. (pictured below)

Brown and cream toned feathers of peacock, hackle and guinea hen give a pinch of delicate flair. Add the sparkle of an antique glass button and vintage rayon veiling and this headpiece evokes a sense of unearthly buoyancy. “I’m so enamoured with vintage veiling, its drape is just lovely!” she says of her work.

We’re enamored too, Lisa!

Whether unique, in homage, or adapted to your personal taste, we hope these pieces inspire your quest for feathery semblance!


For more wear-in-your-hair, we refer you to our article on Beaded Fairy Headpieces.

For more peacock feather wings, here are two lovely options: Los Angeles’s Ashley K. of GlitterBombShell Designs has assembled the Blue and Gold Peacock feather Fairy Wings. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, complete with gold headdress, cuff bracelets, necklace and earrings, and features over 400 peacock feathers!

Sajeela Design Boutique out of Las Vegas, NV is a costume company self described as “stunning clothing for dramatic people”. Our favorite are the Peacock feather Fairy wings  made of gold and black coque feathers and peacock feathers.