Last-Minute Fairy, Gnome, and Hobbit Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween as a celebration of costume and make-believe does not enjoy a lengthy history. The earliest recorded mention of donning a costume is around the year 1900. According to Wikipedia, “early costumes emphasized the pagan and gothic nature of the holiday,” with costumes based on popular culture characters not showing up until the 1930s. Costumes for adults followed a few decades later.

Despite it’s relatively short history, the Halloween costume is generally embraced by all. And with just a few days left until one of the most Fantastic nights of the year, we thought we’d highlight some costumes that are easy to put together —even at the last minute— and are sure to add a bit of magic and mystery to your night.

GREEN FAIRY: Art student Lindsay Hamilton made this Green Fairy Costume  (above, right) to wear at Dragon Con. It’s easy to pull off by pairing a green dress with green makeup, glitter, and homemade wings. See this easy-to-follow Wings Tutorial for your own unique, reusable pair of wings and you’ll be a green-clad seductress in a trice.

On to the little guys…

BABY GNOME: Babies and toddlers are most comfortable in loose, simple costumes. This Baby Gnome Costume (above) by Katie of Cabbage Ranch is a great solution, involving only a simple handmade red cap and beard, plain blue jammies, and perhaps a chunky felt belt.

LITTLE GIRL FAIRY: This Girl’s Fairy Costume (above), created by Brook of Being Brook, is beautifully done, and requires minimal sewing (and you could definitely get away without sewing at all) and a few crafts items, including tulle, fabric flowers, and elastic.

LITTLE BOY FAIRY: We absolutely love this Boy Fairy Costume (right) from Coolest Handmade Costumes not only because it’s so rare to see a boy fairy costume (and the model is so cute!), but because it was made in only one night by his awesome mom, Patricia. The gorgeous wings and leaf detailing add woodland fairy charm to this otherwise simple costume.

And coming back to the grown-ups…

HOBBIT: A Frodo the Hobbit Costume, like the one Doug Kline found at Wonder Con (right), is an easy-to-accomplish look. All you need is some basic trousers, suspenders, a makeshift cape, and a little bit of makeup or fur to imitate the iconic Hobbit foot.

What are your Fantastic costuming plans for All Hallow’s Eve? Let us know in the comments section!