Midnight Fairy

In spirit of Halloween, FairyRoom is devoting every Friday in October to costumes, costumes, costumes! We have a lot of cool stuff planned to share with you this month, and we’re going to start with a Fantistic makeup tutorial to get your creative juices flowing!

Jamie from FacePaintingTips.com shows us how to enhance our winged fairy motif with this accessible tutorial. Stunning color, simple application, and subtle accents make this look take flight!

What stands out: With just a few products and a quick how-to on achieving a perfect facial symmetry for this design, you’re good to go!

A couple of fantastic products used:  Diamond FX Metallic Blue makes this look really pop! With some basic makeup sponges, you can blend it with softer blue hues, white, and black to further enhance the color. The ¾ inch angle brush she uses makes creating the feathers a breeze!

Pair it with: Complete your winged fairy look with these fabulous Irridescent-Crystal Blue Fairy Wings by Charlotte Johnson at chloe6788 (Charlotte also makes Fantastic hand-painted dolls, one of which we featured back in July). These brilliant wings are a one-of-a-kind accessory made from fusible film and wire with an embellishment of glitter and beads. Attach them with satin ribbon straps.

 What are your Halloween costuming plans?