Wave Your Magic Wand

Made from a wide range of materials and intention in mind, the wand is steeped in folklore and fairy tale, and its significance stands as a symbol of power, influence, and transformation. Though sometimes depicted as an instrument to defeat darkness, such as The Legend of Zelda’s Wand of Gamelon, we prefer to bring our focus on the magical merry-making wand, such as those depicted in Greco-Roman mythology, Shakespeare, or Cinderella.

Just in time for Halloween, we’re presenting this brief overview of style and materials most often used for fairy wands in this article, but stay tuned for more posts on this supernatural addition to your panoply of fairy paraphernalia (or can we say fairy-phernalia!)

ELEGANT: Canadian artist Darlene of Queenie 88 delivers from her higher end collection this 15-inch elegant Dragons Wing Magic Wand (right) suitable for collectors or those of you engaging in a bona fide healing journey. Listed at $189, this truly magical wand is studded with gemstones known for their healing properties; Jet – for protection and power, and Chrysocolla, attributed to helping one become more grounded and connected to their true path. Isn’t this that special accoutrement you’ve been dreaming of?

CUTE: An ideal choice for your princess-child, is this wood-engraved Star Wand, (right), in hot pink by Tyson and Rachael of 3Princesses Engraving. Designed from all natural pine and poplar woods, these delicate darlings are non-toxic made from natural wood, wax, and food coloring. Like Glinda from The Wizard of Oz, this star-topped wand will remove all obstacles and make way for hours of creative play! Priced at an easy, breezy $9.50, and available in several colors.

CRAFTY: We love these versatile Paper Fairy Wands (below) from Apollonia Dils of Apples Modern Art. For $12.50, you get five 12” wands made of colorfully patterned scrapbook paper. Recommended for Halloween or other costumed events.

DIY: For a great party favor, try out this DIY Wizard Wands kit (below) from Angela Barela-Talley of Party Scribbles. What we like about this kit is that you get 10 wands of different lengths along with a digital book to help you customize your own creation. The wands are made of hardwood and ready for paint or any decoration of your liking. Take a peek at what you can make!

Stay tuned for more beautiful wand creations, including pricier collectibles, tutorials, and do-it-yourself home kits!