Copper Fairy Wands

Pure copper is soft, which contributes to its high electrical and thermal conductivity — it warms quickly. It is one of only three elemental metals with a natural color other than gray or silver, and over time, or in the presence of compounds such as ammonia, copper’s distinctive color will markedly change. Magic? Of course not — science has firmly established the why and how. But if we consider that this metal ruled both the eponymous Copper Age and subsequent Bronze Age, spanning a good 6500 years during which magic was a readily accepted explanation for all sorts of phenomena, the use of copper for magical wandmaking makes perfect sense! Take a look at these lovely and modern fairy wand selections we’ve gathered, all crafted from copper.

Bearing what could easily be ancient circular and swirl motifs, the Flower Swirl Bubble Wand from Paula of Purple Bus Studio (above, right, and below, in action) is not just made from 100% copper, it doubles as an excellent bubble maker! Take it to your next fair or festival and create a magical flow of energy all around you. When not in use, it makes a great garden or wall piece. And bonus, a free bubble juice recipe is included with every order.

Add some color to your day with this hammered copper wire wrapped Fairy Wand in glimmery mauve and purple by Cova-Lee of Cobalt and Copper (right). Whimsical and light, it will add flair to your festival costume. It stands 16″ and the jewel-centered star is 5″ across, and comes in a variety of detailing.

And for the serious collector, Michael Hofheimer of Sandpiper Jewelry designed this Twisted Magic Wand. The photo does not do justice to scale — this wand stands at a full 23″ tall. It combines hammered, soldered and twisted copper alongside brass and silver. It is further embellished with crystals and fluorite gems. You might also find that Hofheimer’s jewelry collection has a stone piece to accompany this heavy-duty magic maker!

According to a fact-filled page all about copper at jewelry-makers, copper possesses mystical and healing properties and “has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications.” Ideal for wands! We hope you agree with us that the warm hues, long-lasting quality, and healing energies associated with copper are all great reasons to consider one of these magical pieces!


  • Copper was first seen in Egyptian and Sumerian cultures approximately 9000 years ago.
  • Add tin, and the alloy is bronze.
  • Copper is durable and meant to last a lifetime.
  • Copper is utilized to ease arthritis and improve functions of the liver, lymphatic system, and spleen.