Jenkins & Ramos Take “Fairy Quest” Mainstream

This week BOOM! Studios made a deal with writer Paul Jenkins and artist Humberto Ramos to distribute their Kickstarter-funded comic book Fairy Quest in standard paperback comic format in February 2013.

What’s Fairy Quest? Here’s the summary of Issue #1, Outlaws:

In the land of Fablewood, characters from every story ever told live side-by-side. Fablewood is ruled by a fascist dictator Mr. Grimm who forces everyone to live out their stories exactly as we know them. But Red Riding Hood and the wolf, Mr. Woof, have become best friends and they’re going to risk everything in an effort to escape and find a new life in a mysterious place called the Real World…

Does that sound a little like ABC’s drama Once Upon a Time? Pure coincidence. Fairy Quest was inspired by a chance conversation between Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins at Comic-Con 2006. Veterans of the comic book industry, Ramos and Jenkins had collaborated before on Marvel’s popular Spectacular Spider-Man, but as they finished the first issue of their labor of love, and began considering distribution, the pair didn’t look to traditional publishing avenues.

“We [had] to look at different models, different ways of doing it to reach a much larger audience than those who are prepared to go to comic stores,” said Jenkins in an interview with Comic Book Resources. “We never did solicit this to the direct market.”

Instead, they turned to Kickstarter, a crowd funding platform for creative projects. Fundraising in April and May 2012, the Fairy Quest project raised over $95,000—surpassing its original goal by $35,000—from 1,642 backers. The hardcover first edition of Fairy Quest #1: Outlaws was printed and distributed to backers this summer and is now available to buy from the artists directly for $29.95.

This week, Ramos and Jenkins made a deal with BOOM! Studios to serialize Fairy Quest in standard paperback comic format. The first graphic novel will be split into two issues for $3.99 each. Ramos and Jenkins plan to fund three more hardcover issues of Fairy Quest through Kickstarter projects which will then be released as six standard-formats by BOOM!

In his interview with Comic Book Resources, Jenkins said, “The combination of raising money on Kickstarter, allowing that to create the editorial, providing the materials to BOOM!, allowing that to be the thing that they publish, is actually pretty smart. It means they can make money from it, we can make money from it, and the book can be for the benefit of all fans and get to a larger audience.”

For a lot more information about Fairy Quest, its Kickstarter projects, and its life with BOOM!, read the full interview with Comic Book Resources.  Follow Ramos and Jenkins on Twitter to stay up-to-date as this Fantastic comic series continues to grow.