Woven Cloak of Elvin Kind

You certainly don’t have to stop enjoying the enchantment of dress-up and make-believe just because Halloween is over. There is a wonderful world of myth a child might find cloaked for an adventure of the imagination. Here are some child-sized, handcrafted cloaks to inspire children to take part in fantasy play.

Cloak creators at Savage Seeds say they’ve taken inspiration from woodland gnomes to create this Mushroom-Hooded Woodland Cape (at right). We think she looks good enough to eat! One might recall childhood favorites such as David the Gnome (scroll down for the video); originally a Spanish cartoon show about a tiny fairy man who helps sick or troubled woodland animals with his fairy magic and kind heart.

How brilliant it must be to let your world of fairytale come to life within the magic of the childhood imagination! This must have been a muse to Karla Cola, who has created this lovely Little Red Riding Hood (at right, and off the young model, at the end of this article) for some lucky young woodland explorer. Made of red velour and pretty Japanese linen, we can easily see this cloak becoming a family heirloom.

The Ranger Cloak (at right), is made of green wool and closed with a metal clasp, and becomes an active ingredient in a child’s transformation for Fantastic play. The creator of this hood, RangerLore, also provides accessories and trinkets to accompany your favorite tiny person in their play. How easy it is to transform a simple garden into the landscape of a dramatic caped adventure!

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