Fairy Lights for the Holidays

What do you call those long strings of colored and white lights that appear in December? We Americans tend to call them what they are: ‘holiday lights,’ or ‘Christmas lights’ or — if you’re like my Dad, trying to untangle them every year — some unjolly things before the spiked eggnog kicks in.

These terms are clear, but they don’t even hint at the real purpose of lights-on-a-string: magic! It’s pure enchantment to see thousands of tiny sparkles illuminating trees, houses, yards and towns. Across the pond, our British neighbors call them “fairy lights.” We at FairyRoom approve.

If you still need to add some glow to your season, here are a few of our favorite fairy lights, all from Etsy.

Red, White and Green Cotton-Wrapped Spheres: softness is a nice change from the familiar shiny glass ornaments. Light Strand with White Vellum Flowers: elegant winter monochrome.

White Roses, Red Roses, Gray Bodhi Leaf String, White Rattan Stars, and Fire-Tone Rattan Balls: Love the natural materials!

Moon and Star Paper Lanterns: for the holidays, and beyond!

Origami Lights Made with Japanese Paper: these remind us of strings of beautifully-wrapped gifts.

Do you have a favorite here, or elsewhere? Share opinions and links with us in the comments, below.