The Boggart has been Released on Pottermore

Earlier today, Pottermore released the first few chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, including the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson featuring the adaptive Boggart. Rowling presents new information to be “unlocked” in Chapter 7. Readers/Players are sure to be happily immersed in the new information.

We’ve investigated the Boggart before here on FairyRoom, but who better to explain this creature in the Potterverse than Hogwarts’ resident know-it-all, Hermione Granger:

‘It’s a shape-shifter,’ she said. ‘It can take the shape of whatever it thinks will frighten us most.’

‘Couldn’t have put it better myself,’ said Professor Lupin, and Hermione glowed. ‘So the Boggart sitting in the darkness within has not yet assumed a form. He does not yet know what will frighten the person on the other side of the door. Nobody knows what a Boggart looks like when he is alone, but when I let him out, he will immediately become whatever each of us most fears.’

Excerpt From: Rowling, J.K. “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” chapter seven.

Rowling’s series is religiously loyal to Britain’s fairy folklore, and her representation of Boggarts, Pixies, Elves, Gnomes, Giants, and a whole host of other magical creatures shows careful research. We won’t give away any of Pottermore’s previously unseen content, but the first three paragraphs of today’s release are sure to be met with approval not just from fans, but also from academics and folklore hobbyists alike.