Sugar Plum Fairy Dolls

Few fairy characters are as widely known as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Popularized by composer Peter Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker Suite, the Sugar Plum Fairy has little documented history before the first performances of the holiday classic in 1892.

In the lifetimes since this fairy’s debut onto the world stage, many artists have been inspired by her, and countless dolls have been created in her image. At the high-end of collectibles, artist Jean Gauger of Sugar Plum Originals, creates exquisite felted dolls, like the Glass Wing Doll (pictured below) with merino wool and silk organza using a technique called Nuno felting, which she describes as a process of fusing together layers of silk with merino wool.

With special touches like fine beading on the dress and Wensleydale locks for her hair – a specialty long-stapled fiber known for its lustrous ringlets – her Glass Wing doll exudes the sweetness associated with the Sugar Plum Fairy. Her Violet BabyFairy (pictured right) and all of her creations, are on the more expensive end, best suited for the serious collector.

These wonderful, hand-crafted Nutcracker standing dolls (pictured below), made by California artist Petalbelles, come in sets of three, and can be made in custom colors. Petalbelles offers a wide variety of handmade standing fairy dolls and nutcracker-inspired ornaments.

For a fun and inexpensive holiday craft project for you and a young fairy lover, download this Sugar Plum Fairy Doll Pattern (pictured right) by Aunt Polly’s Doll Emporium. It gives you all the plans to make your own 15″ fabric fairy doll at home.

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