Dramatic Fairy Masks

Few costume pieces have quite the range of creative interpretation as a face mask. We’ve collected a couple of gorgeous, over-the-top masks to share — each great for stage, in a masquerade, or to accompany a Fantastic costume.

The festive fairy glitters in this Venetian Faerie Mask (above) by E.L Downey of Mask Artist. In violet and gold, it’s embellished with molded acrylic for a raised effect. A golden fairy poses above the center nosepiece and it’s all a-sparkle with glitter and rhinestones. Picture a gondola ride in Venice on your way to celebrate Carnavale, where pagans unite in masquerade to revel in hedonistic indulgence. The Mask Artist is truly a great source for Fantastic masks for all occasions.

Judith Rauchfuss of Leopards Leap creates this Goddess Mask (pictured right) in plum colors, molded with stiff buckrum cloth and wire with hand dyed silk velvet. Black butterfly wings fly above a sprinkling of colorful gems and ribbons. Likely intended for a gala affair or to be a collector’s piece, it’s priced higher than most — but we think it’s absolutely worth it.

To peruse a few truly unique beaded masks, we encourage a visit to Funky Gypsy, run by Starrlee. Setting her masks onto a sturdy leather backings, they shimmers with glass beads and rhinestones, each sewn on by hand. Starrlee has also created a non-leather mask very similar to the one we’ve featured.

What do you choose to masquerade your eyes with?