Fairy Dolls of Paper

A paper fairy doll has many incarnations. It can emerge from a booklet or a digital download pattern. It might come with accessories. It might be a pre-assembled decoration, static or moveable, meant for children or adults. And it can be a collectible piece of art.

In part one of our paper doll posts, FairyRoom presented a few examples of sculpted paper fairy dolls. In this post, we display some truly beautiful “traditional” paper fairy dolls. But again, these are not for child’s play.

Jubilee the Modern Fairy Puppet Doll (at right) from CrankBunny in her delightful whimsy has many moveable joints (the artist behind CrankBunny is an Animation Director by day) and a magnetic re-moveable mask. She can be used as a puppet or as a collectible art piece, free-standing or framed.

Another articulated fairy (right) could be used for play, as a gift (or gift enhancement), but seems more suited for framing or display, is this handmade Victorian Fairy Paper Doll printed on archival quality paper from an original illustration by Martin Obakke of the Filigree.

If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself kit, download this set of Five Fairies from BirdandFlower (below), each with wonderful facial expression. And since you print it, you determine the size. We see tiny ornaments and larger play things.

As a great decoration idea for a party, Infopapercat makes a Paper Fairy Chain (below); 10 different fairies on a chain 33-inches long.

Onecrabapple makes this Fairy Paper Dolls Collage Sheet (at right) for collaging and making paper doll accessories.

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