Fairies in the Garden, a Garden for the Fairies

Many artists depict fairies in wild gardens. FairyRoom staffers love the idea of keeping an area of your garden beautiful but slightly unkempt. John Anster Christian Fitzgerald’s, Titania and Bottom, (featured in FairyRoom’s article, “Fairy Fitzgerald” and Titania’s Changeling) shows animals and fairies in bushes of heather. Some say heather may open portals between humans and fairies. Butterflies, hummingbirds and fairies share the garden in many pictures, such as Fitzgerald’s Cat Among the Fairies, pictured below.

Bring fairy elements together in your own garden. Perhaps cover a trellis with coral honeysuckle and trumpet vines. Imagine an old bathtub tucked away and filled with hollyhocks, snapdragons, sweet potato vines where fairies can play. Randomly placed candles, lanterns and strings of fairy lights will make an evening encounter ethereal in your garden.

D.I.Y.: We stumbled upon this enchanted post about making outdoor fairy furniture using craft supplies from nature (twigs!) and a handy glue gun. The miniature chair and coffee table are so inviting that any imagination could conjure a fairy sighting.

So Many Ideas! Pintrest abounds with board after board of fairy garden accessories to make — we liked this one a lot, this one, too. But for the less crafty, take a look at the ready-made fairy garden accessories we found here.