Flower-Inspired Fairy Masks

The color green has long been associated with Nature; all things ripening, verdant; and manifesting fertile, new growth. The Green Man of Celtic legend, as described by Gary R. Varner was an entity that was both “outcast and deity”… a representation of “ever-living and eternal truth” and possessive of super-natural power.

Mixed materials made to mask, inspired by petals, leaves, and patterns of flora co-mingle to create the most unique expressions of your favorite fairy.

The Green Man from Celtic lore comes alive in hand-carved and painted leather masks in a wide variety of colors and styles made by Crimson Spark (right). Detailed with agate leaf beads, these masks tie on with an adjustable latigo lace band. Signed and dated by the artist, these pieces range in price, and make a great addition to your fairy collection.

The Autumn Fairy Mask by Dianna Riehn of Boutique By DD is an affordable option, priced at under $20, and is a simple addition to your Autumn Fairy attire. It is machine embroidered with a flame motif and accented with or without rhinestones. It comes without a band so you can add your own personal touch and is suitable for eyeglass wearers!

Woodland fairies blossom in a floral manifestation with this mask (below) by Beth Ann Magnuson of The Nest at Windy Corner. Crafted with permanent botanicals of Ivy and Hydrangea, this mask is set onto a base of re-purposed sunglasses for an easy fit.

Don these masks or hang as wall décor. Tell us about your mask…