Victorian Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk is heavily influenced by the romantic and overly-ornate Victorian era fashion, which can be seen clearly in steampunk’s use of Victorian-style bodices, top hats, high necklines and collars, and carefully tailored clothing.

We’ve collected a few necklaces that highlight the crossover from this highly-developed mechanized world into the world of fairies.

The art nouveau inspired Brass Fairy on Copper Clock Face Medallion (pictured right) hangs on a chain of bronze, golden hued and topaz crystal beads, finished with a copper chain and clasp. Steampunkerz is a family run handmade jewelry shop out of Reno, NV. Every order comes with a unique hand sewn cloth bag with matching tag, making this an excellent gift option.

Sandy Spivey’s line of Glass Art Cabochons were such a hit she created a second Etsy page exclusively for these marvelous creations. For the Steampunk Vintage Clock Butterfly Fairy the buyer has the option of customizing, either with the free addition of a magnet to the back, or with their choice of bail and neck chain for only a few dollars. We think this would be gorgeous worn as a necklace with your face done-up in warm sepia tones (to match the pendant, though you can tailor your hues to whichever color neck chain you choose) in the style illustrated in Klaire dy Lys YouTube videos, which we featured in our previous article on Festival Costuming.

Witness another fairy trapped under a cabochon — this one with a vintage black and white photograph in an antique silver filigree setting, the Victorian Fairy Pendant (pictured below, right) by AC Gaddis of Demimonde Arts. Her store is full of extraordinary accessories, specializing in Steampunk, Sci Fi and Fantasy jewelry. She even has terrarium necklaces (we think they would look great with the teensiest of fairies perched within), and a filigree Victorian pendant for Green Fairy enthusiasts to crave.

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