World of Warcraft: Sprites in Mists of Pandaria

Deep in one of the most remote places of Pandaria a mysterious race of sprites have a little sylvan kingdom. It is a stretch of enchanted wilderness full of crystal pools and secluded dells where Chief Rikkitun rules from Rikkitun Village.Rikkitun Village Adventurers who find their way through the dangers of the Dread Wastes are met with a friendly welcome by the sprites of this little kingdom. The sprites of Pandaria seem to mellow considerably from their usual pranks when playing host in their own land. Rikkitun sprites and their faerie dragon companions are beset by dangers in their wild homeland, and they look to adventurers to aid them, both by vanquishing the sprites’ foes, and also by performing some more mundane chores, like gathering Mother Seeds (pictured below):Mother Seed And also the fairy dust (pictured below) left behind by startled fairy dragons:Faerie Dragon Dust

On September 25, 2012, World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, went live. New features included an increased character level cap, a new continent to explore (Pandaria), a new playable race (Pandaren), and a new playable class (Monk), but beyond these big headline features, we at Fairyroom are especially enchanted by the indigenous sprites of the Pandaren continent (pictured below stealing citrus), never seen before in any other part of Azeroth.Orange Thief

Many traditional elements of fairy lore are evident in the Pandaren nature sprites, especially in their diminutive size, their tendency to dress using elements of the natural flora—including bark, leaves, and petals—and their propensity for playing tricks on the unwary. Although they neither have wings nor take flight, these sprites are magical, and can be seen engaging in various mysterious nature rituals. Sprite RitualThese randomly (as far as we know) occurring rituals (pictured at right) seem to have no clear purpose, but are beautiful to behold. Many wild sprites encountered outside of Rikkitun Village are more mischievous than their domestic Rikkitun cousins, and use a variety of cantrips to play tricks on unwary adventurers—illusions that make the sprite appear much larger than it is, or that make it seem as though there are many sprites in the place of one, or even mirror illusions that make the sprite take on the appearance of the adventurer being tricked.

Sha Tainted SpritesFor the most part, the sprites of Pandaria are little more than a nuisance, stealing supplies and occasionally damaging property. The Pandaren (Pandaria’s dominant civilized culture) view the sprites as little more than pests—even though some of them can be quite dangerous, showing tendencies toward mischief that could prove costly or perilous to the unwary.

Before relegating the sprites of Pandaria to the rolls of bad fairies, it should be noted that sprites in Pandaria reflect the nature of the land they inhabit; most of them are benign denizens of peaceful glades, content to leave travelers alone. But the lands of Pandaria are troubled by a dark energy that feeds on the conflict that the war between player factions of World of Warcraft have brought to Pandaria’s shores. This energy, called Sha, dwells dormant in Pandaria, but grows and gains agency when fed with negative emotions. Should adventurers encounter sprites in the more troubled areas of the continent they should be warned that far more deadly pranks than minor illusions may be in store for them at the hands of Sha tainted sprites.