DIY Fairy Houses

FairyRoom has collected ideas for fairy furnishings, but for more ambitious architects, we present Part 2 in our fairy-sized Friday set of articles: tips for constructing a fairy house! Whether to play with or display, fairy houses come in different sizes and levels of intricacy.

My Paradise Cottage offer several Fairy House kits from which to choose: basic, deluxe, spring, summer, autumn — and (as seen in the image at right), a fairy village. These kits provide all you need to create your miniature, magical abode. And while we are less than enamored with the little plastic fairy figurine included in some kits (the pewter ones seem lovely), the moss-covered roofs are charming!

This lovely diagram shows an artfully crafted fairy house by Tatiana Katara.

A helpful WikiHow guide provides step-by-step instructions for building your own fairy house. A nice touch with this how-to is in Step 4 where “Gather materials from the woods or your garden” is suggested. Having construction material from your own garden will make the fairy house feel more authentically placed, as if it had been “truly built” by enterprising sprites gathering materials.

Harvested from

Self-described “crafty mama” and blogger, Pink and Green Mama, built this show-stopping fairy house (last image) for her daughters for a steal. She calls it “so much cooler than pixie hollow,” and we agree!

What would your ideal DIY fairy house include? We’d love to see what you’ve made. Share with us! Submit to our Tumblr, @tweetfairies on Twitter, or write on our Facebook timeline.