Fairy Furniture For Day-To-Day Fantasy Play

Fairy folklore is full of chance meetings in a spring time meadow or twilight glen, or run-ins while traveling, but what about the day to day life of the fae? How do they furnish their own homes? (And speaking of homes, don’t miss part 2 in our fairy-sized Friday: DIY Fairy Houses.)

We have found several imaginative designers who have been inspired by fairy tales and have turned their passion for these stories into miniature furniture; scaled to suit the tiny beings we love to read about.

This Faery Gothic Miniature (at right) by French artisian Diane Heyne of Pandora Jane is made of natural materials including bark, twigs, grapevine tendrils with plenty of moss and lichen adornment. The chair stands all of six inches high, and the spinning wheel a bit shorter. It is sure to inspire new stories and new generations who carry the fascination for mythic world of Fairy.

Pandora Jane is a fantastic source of fairy-sized furniture. This wooden Fae Kitchen Hutch (below) is handcrafted of found nut shells, wood, and moss, and stands a bit shorter than the spinning wheel. The rocking chair (pictured at the very bottom of this article) is made entirely of found twigs.

In a similar style, this beautifully detailed tiny dining table and chairs (at right) by Hawk Feather Creations is sitting in someone’s world adding wonderful whimsy to a handmade dollhouse or outdoor fairy gathering place. (We wish he’d add to his shop!)

The folks at The Faery Watcher have created many small play sets fit for hours of fun. We love this magical spell cabinet (below), and find these tiny handcrafted pieces absolutely enchanting.

Passing and collecting stories of fairies is an exercise of the heart. We loved inventing strange and magical worlds as children. But it is a true gift to be able to bring the same stories and magic to the children in our lives. What could be a better way to engage in the play of our imaginations than making our very own fairy play sets? The Borrowed Brushstroke invites us to do just that with their step by step guide on how to bring an air of magic with and artistic approach to items that might already be found in your own home. Check out their site for instructions on making your own Fairy Princess Bed.

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