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In Fairyland: The Beloved Work of Richard “Dicky” Doyle

Abney Park Invites You on a High Flying Adventure

Shakespeare’s Reinvention of Changeling Lore

The Wife of Bath’s Fairy

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Patricia C. Wrede on “Letting the Dragons In”

For Banned Book Week 2009, #1 New York TImes bestselling author Patricia C. Wrede published ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #310: The Imp

OFFENSES: Tricks, pranks, foolishness DESCRIPTION: Small, ugly, sometimes be-winged and horned  ALIAS: None PROVENANCE: ...
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Victorian Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk is heavily influenced by the romantic and overly-ornate Victorian era fashion, which can ...
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Green Fairy Accoutrements

The drinking of absinthe is often very ritualized activity, involving specialty spoons, glasses, sugar ...
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An Interview with Charles de Lint (Part I)

Charles de Lint is well known throughout fantasy and science fiction circles as one ...
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Fanciful, Fairylike Bodices

Attach a stunning bodice with halter tie, combine a harmonious combination of silk, organza, ...
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An Interview with Charles de Lint (Part II)

For more than three decades, Charles de Lint has been in the forefront of ...
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