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Spring Flower Fairy Party

With spring in full blossom, we think a flower fairy themed party is a ...
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On Winged Couture, this Firebird Soars

FairyRoom's Community Spotlight is on Noelle Faulker, proprietress of Firebird Fae Couture. Noelle loves ...
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Oz: The Great and Powerful

This stunning creature is featured in the first trailer for Oz: The Great and ...
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In Search of Krampus

Several years ago my wife Laurie (who is infinitely hipper than I), turned me ...
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Forest Fairy Makeup

 “Once upon a time in the enchanted forest lived an enchanted Forest Fairy…” so ...
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The Green Fairy’s Powerful Spell

Many critics warned against the Green Fairy’s seductive spell, claiming that absinthe was a ...
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Green Fairy Accoutrements

The drinking of absinthe is often very ritualized activity, involving specialty spoons, glasses, sugar ...
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