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Why Do We Believe in Electrons, But Not in Fairies?

Petunia Dursley’s Magical Motivation

The Huldufólk of Iceland

Where Do Fairy Rings Come From?

A Treacherous Beauty: The Hazards of Entering a Fairy Ring

Fairies in Classic Games: The Legend of Zelda


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Big Event Upcoming: Faerieworlds

In exactly one week, thousands of fairy fans and followers will be arriving in ...
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This Small Boutique is Big in Fae

Handmade candles © Marjorie Dulaney FairyRoom's Fantastic Community Spotlight is on Marjorie Dulaney, the owner of Magickal Things, a ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #352: Kludde

OFFENSES: Manslaughter, Mischief  DESCRIPTION:  Giant, Black, Winged, Hairy, Ugly ALIAS:  Kleure PROVENANCE: Belgian Folklore ...
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DIY Fairy Houses

FairyRoom has collected ideas for fairy furnishings, but for more ambitious architects, we present ...
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Vivian Vande Velde on Banning Fantasy Books

We are a few days into Banned Books Week, an annual awareness campaign that celebrates the ...
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You aren't fully ready for your festival event until you've been be-horned. ...
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Green Fairy Accoutrements

The drinking of absinthe is often very ritualized activity, involving specialty spoons, glasses, sugar ...
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