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Fairy Chess: not at all what you think

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle, an alternate origin

Abney Park Invites You on a High Flying Adventure

The Mysterious Giants of the Plain of Jars

The Wife of Bath’s Fairy

Wisps in World of Warcraft: Ghosts or Fae?


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The author, an archeologist, a god, a thief — and the One Gold Ring to bind them all…

Earlier this month, a small artifact took center stage, bringing a great deal of ...
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Jane Austen with Wings

Fairies weren’t terribly popular in Jane Austen’s Regency England. Fairies would wait another generation, ...
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Wings Over the San Jose Fantasy Festival

A few weeks ago the sun shone brightly over Northern California's San Jose Fantasy ...
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Asylum Granted for the Gnomes of Oakland

During the chilly last weekend in January, the Gnomes of Oakland were threatened. PG&E, ...
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Vivian Vande Velde on Banning Fantasy Books

We are a few days into Banned Books Week, an annual awareness campaign that celebrates the ...
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Monica McCarty and Scotland’s Famous Fairy Flag

FairyRoom is thrilled to welcome New York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty whose twelfth ...
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The Green Fairy and Artemis

The Green Fairy is the female embodiment of the strange, oft-mistrusted green elixir. Her ...
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