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World-Building: Even the Smallest Detail…

The Strange Fairy Ring in the Remote Wooded Hills of Tirisfal Glades (World of Warcraft)

Ariel’s Song: Come unto these yellow sands

The Sylvari: born of the Green Man and Other Folklore (Guild Wars 2)

The Huldufólk of Iceland

Fairy Chess: not at all what you think


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Floral Fairy Makeup Tutorial

If you’re ready to find your true colors, Julie from MissChievous.com presents this tutorial ...
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Fairy Dolls of Paper

A paper fairy doll has many incarnations. It can emerge from a booklet or ...
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Dark Fairy Costuming: Eyes and Ears

Tomorrow is FaerieConWest’s Bad Faerie Ball… Whether your version of Dark Fairy involves full ...
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Into the Woods, Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm, The Silmarillion

Usually, the New, Soon, and Classic features on FairyRoom are true to highlighting three ...
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The Siren Depths, Splintered, and Assassin’s Apprentice

NEW: THE SIREN DEPTHS by Martha Wells (Night Shade Books, 2012) In The Siren Depths, Martha ...
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Ellen Gregory on “Why I Write Fantasy”

There’s a strong element of ‘write what you know’ as well. I read a ...
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The Real-Life Damage of Changeling Lore

A lot of Changeling lore focuses on the perspective of the parent: the frightening, ...
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