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Why Do We Believe in Electrons, But Not in Fairies?

Medieval Fairies: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

"Gwenhyfar" © Brian Froud

The Faerie Folk of Cornwall

Fairies in the Garden, a Garden for the Fairies

Kate Bush: A Fairy Godmother of Modern Rock

31 Days of Fairy Costumes


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Fairy-Sized Candles

The tiniest of lights, hardly bigger than a firefly. Acorn cap candles burn for ...
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Violette Malan’s: Why Do I Write Sword and Sorcery?

“Genre fiction in general, and fantasy literature in particular, is the only contemporary literature ...
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A FairyRoom Focus on Fantastic Fiction

Here at FairyRoom we believe that the cornerstone of fantasy is story. Ancient oral ...
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Dark Fairy Costuming: Eyes and Ears

Tomorrow is FaerieConWest’s Bad Faerie Ball… Whether your version of Dark Fairy involves full ...
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A Note About Our Fantastic Contributors

At FairyRoom, a primary goal is to involve our community. Besides pulling together the ...
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A Visit to Dreadful Falls, USA

Bethany and Stacia of Dreadful Falls, USA visually transform fantasy enthusiasts with their unique ...
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From Human to Fairy in Four Simple Steps

When Tristan and I arrived at Faerieworlds on Friday afternoon, we were wearing jeans ...
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