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“Now bring me the Luck of Edenhall!”

How Fairies Brought Toadstools into High Art

Enchanted Encounters in Post-Victorian Fairy Tale Illustration

Western Press Gets North Korean “Unicorn” Completely Wrong

Qing Dynasty Qilin

The Strange Fairy Ring in the Remote Wooded Hills of Tirisfal Glades (World of Warcraft)

Abney Park Invites You on a High Flying Adventure


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Bad Fairy Case File #321: Yara Ma Yha Who

OFFENSES: Bloodsucking DESCRIPTION: Red skin, large head, suckers at the ends of hands and ...
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Wave Your Magic Wand

Made from a wide range of materials and intention in mind, the wand is ...
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Bright Spring Costuming

Here's a look to harken in spring! More short intro to costume pairings to ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #304: The Xana

OFFENSES: Enchantment, theft, kidnapping DESCRIPTION: Small, beautiful, long blonde hair,  ALIAS: Inxana, Anjana PROVENANCE: ...
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D. M. Andrews on the Real Power of Fantasy Writing

D. M. Andrews, author and self-publication promoter, discusses the importance, not only of through ...
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Dark Fairy Costuming: Eyes and Ears

Tomorrow is FaerieConWest’s Bad Faerie Ball… Whether your version of Dark Fairy involves full ...
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Fairy Furniture For Day-To-Day Fantasy Play

Fairy folklore is full of chance meetings in a spring time meadow or twilight ...
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