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Leaving FairyRoom and Entering the Realm

Petunia Dursley’s Magical Motivation

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Faerieworlds Day 2

So. Much. To. See! One of the phenomenal dragon sculptures from Unicorns n Dragons. ...
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A Note About Our Fantastic Contributors

At FairyRoom, a primary goal is to involve our community. Besides pulling together the ...
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La Fée Verte

“Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the soul. The green fairy who lives in the ...
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Voluptuous Vogue

Feminine and striking, embody the fairy with feathers, satin, and lace. Don dazzling tailor-made ...
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Traditional Wood Fairy Wands

Wandlore, illuminated. In his detail-rich article “The Magic Wand“, Renaissance scholar Joseph H. Peterson ...
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Meet Elizabeth Malczynski, Fantasy Artist & Illustrator (Part I)

FairyRoom is thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Malczynski, fantasy artist and illustrator, probably best known ...
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Behind the Masks

Cyndy Salisbury, a self-taught mask maker, showcases her exquisitely detailed masks in her Etsy ...
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