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Petunia Dursley’s Magical Motivation

Chalice: Stolen from Fairies in Iceland

A Headache of Fairies

A Toast to the First of May

Oberon and Titania as Artist Muses

Shakespeare’s Reinvention of Changeling Lore


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Faerieworlds Day 2

So. Much. To. See! One of the phenomenal dragon sculptures from Unicorns n Dragons. ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #337: The Nixie

OFFENSES: Enchantment, Drowning, Kidnapping DESCRIPTION: Water Sprite, Half-Human Half-Fish in appearance ALIAS: Nix, Niwiht, ...
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This Small Boutique is Big in Fae

Handmade candles © Marjorie Dulaney FairyRoom's Fantastic Community Spotlight is on Marjorie Dulaney, the owner of Magickal Things, a ...
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Bitterblue, Fever Moon, and Over Sea, Under Stone

NEW: BITTERBLUE by Kristin Cashore Book Three in the Graceling Realm (Crown, March 2012) The three books ...
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Weird Sisters

The weird sisters, hand in hand,Posters of the sea and land,Thus do go about, ...
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Superstitious Accounts of Elf-Like Children

As far-fetched as looking at your baby and disbelieving it is really your child ...
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The author, an archeologist, a god, a thief — and the One Gold Ring to bind them all…

Earlier this month, a small artifact took center stage, bringing a great deal of ...
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