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A Headache of Fairies

The Dreaming Society – Creating Better Music Through Chemistry

Myths and Legends of the Glastonbury Tor

The Mysterious Giants of the Plain of Jars

Medieval Fairies: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

"Gwenhyfar" © Brian Froud

World of Warcraft: Sprites in Mists of Pandaria

Sha Tainted Sprites

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“Do not put baled hay into a world that has not had its Industrial Revolution.”

Part of the success in world-building is the plausibility. A couple of months ago, ...
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Faerieworlds Day 1

The gates have opened! Faerieworlds has begun! Our FairyRoom pixies on the ground are ...
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Christine Warren’s “ON FAERIE AND FAERIES”

“If you were to ask the Fae about their origins,” begins Christine Warren, New ...
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Midnight Fairy

Jamie from FacePaintingTips.com shows us how to enhance our winged fairy motif with this ...
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An Interview with Charles de Lint (Part II)

For more than three decades, Charles de Lint has been in the forefront of ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #306: The Rübezahl

Offenses: vengeance, trickery, weather manipulator.  Description: giant, moody.  Alias: Number Nip, Ribicinia, Ruebezahl, Master ...
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The Woodcutter, Scent of Magic, & Something Wicked This Way Comes

NEW: THE WOODCUTTER by Kate Danley (47North, 2012) New, yes, but The Woodcutter, Kate Danley’s fractured fairy ...
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