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A Headache of Fairies

The Faerie Folk of Cornwall

The Strange Fairy Ring in the Remote Wooded Hills of Tirisfal Glades (World of Warcraft)

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle, an alternate origin

Ariel’s Song: Come unto these yellow sands

Where Do Fairy Rings Come From?


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Mermaid, The Iron Wyrm Affair, and Dreams Underfoot

NEW: MERMAID: A TWIST ON THE CLASSIC TALE by Carolyn Turgeon (Crown, March 2012) Princess Margrethe has ...
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You aren't fully ready for your festival event until you've been be-horned. ...
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Voluptuous Vogue

Feminine and striking, embody the fairy with feathers, satin, and lace. Don dazzling tailor-made ...
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Ellen Gregory on “Why I Write Fantasy”

There’s a strong element of ‘write what you know’ as well. I read a ...
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Julie Kagawa on Going From the Fey to the Vamps

“People often ask me if it was difficult to switch from writing about faeries ...
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Sugar Plum Fairy Dolls

Few fairy characters are as widely known as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Popularized by ...
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R. Scott Bakker’s “Why Fantasy and Why Now?”

R. Scott Bakker, both a fantasy author and a scholar with a masters in ...
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