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The Fairies of Isle of Skye

Myths and Legends of the Glastonbury Tor

How Fairies Brought Toadstools into High Art

Mystic Places: The Giant’s Causeway and the Legend of Finn MacCool

The Strange Fairy Ring in the Remote Wooded Hills of Tirisfal Glades (World of Warcraft)

Carl Maria von Weber


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This “Flying” Fairy Doll Comes with an Elaborate Backstory and Lovely Illustrations

Fairy sisters Eva, Daria, Alexa, come from the titular realm Slightly Above Time. Newcomers ...
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Faerieworlds Day 1

The gates have opened! Faerieworlds has begun! Our FairyRoom pixies on the ground are ...
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Janni Lee Simner On “Breaking Faerie Lore”

“I can’t remember how I first became interested in faeries,” muses Janni Lee Simner, ...
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Awaken the Wood Nymphs: Earthly Masks

Tree nymphs have been conjured by artists and poets over the ages as shy, ...
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Roberta Trahan’s “For the Love of Lore: Why I Write Fantasy”

Congratulations to Roberta Trahan, whose debut novel, The Well of Tears came out yesterday! ...
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Jenkins & Ramos Take “Fairy Quest” Mainstream

This week BOOM! Studios made a deal with writer Paul Jenkins and artist Humberto ...
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Mischief Managed!

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” A prankster’s boast for ...
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