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How Fairies Brought Toadstools into High Art

Enchanted Encounters in Post-Victorian Fairy Tale Illustration

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle, an alternate origin

Oberon and Titania as Artist Muses

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Sha Tainted Sprites

Chalice: Stolen from Fairies in Iceland


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The Green Fairy in the Art World

The Green Fairy has many very famous “acquaintances,” including Edgar Degas, Charles Baudelaire, Mary ...
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Awaken the Wood Nymphs: Earthly Masks

Tree nymphs have been conjured by artists and poets over the ages as shy, ...
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Mother & Child Fairy Art

Happy Mother's Day weekend from FairyRoom! We'd like to celebrate with an enchanting collection ...
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Big Event Upcoming: Faerieworlds

In exactly one week, thousands of fairy fans and followers will be arriving in ...
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Bad Fairy Case File #352: Kludde

OFFENSES: Manslaughter, Mischief  DESCRIPTION:  Giant, Black, Winged, Hairy, Ugly ALIAS:  Kleure PROVENANCE: Belgian Folklore ...
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Enchanted Checks

Mystic World It was time for me to order personal checks a few weeks back. I ...
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The Real-Life Damage of Changeling Lore

A lot of Changeling lore focuses on the perspective of the parent: the frightening, ...
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