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A Toast to the First of May

Here we are again on the First of May. We celebrate FairyRoom’s year on the Enchanted Web with a few raised glasses — in honor of the Green Fairy of course… and you, our readers. Thujone, the active ingredient in absinthe, … ...
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Carl Maria von Weber

April 30, 2013 in Art, Featured Articles, Folklore
Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826) was a German composer with a fascination for fantasy and folklore. Weber was part of the early Romantic age, an age defined for its appreciation of passion and human authenticity. Some say that his operas, … ...
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How Fairies Brought Toadstools into High Art

We don’t notice toadstools in our high-tech modern life. We hardly ever see them, except on pizza or in a quiche. However, if we go to draw a fairy in our free time, or if we take a look at … ...
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Ariel’s Song: Come unto these yellow sands

Ariel’s song, with its dreamy allusions to water, flight, music, and affection, was taken as an open invitation to artists to depict this magical scene visually, especially among the pre-Raphaelites. Come unto these yellow sands, And then take hands: Curtsied … ...
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Myths and Legends of the Glastonbury Tor

The Glastonbury Tor conspicuously rises from the middle of the wide and flat Somerset Levels in Somerset, England. The Tor (a Celtic word meaning ‘hill’) has been surrounded by myth and legend for hundreds of years, as evidenced by the … ...
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The Faerie Folk of Cornwall

Perhaps one of the most romanticized of all the Celtic homelands is Cornwall – birthplace of such legends as Arthur, Tristan & Isolde, and Jack the Giant Killer. A natural peninsula located at the southwestern tip of the United Kingdom, … ...
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Oberon and Titania as Artist Muses

April 2, 2013 in Art, Featured Articles, Victorian Art
The King and Queen of Fairyland in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon and Titania are two of the most prominent fairies in literary history. In Shakespeare’s play, the two fairies have a feud over a changeling child that Titania finds. … ...
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Fairy Chess: not at all what you think

March 25, 2013 in Featured Articles, Gaming
Fairy Chess is a variant of traditional chess, known in Fairy Chess circles as Orthodox Chess, sometimes in the form of a game, but mostly it’s comprised of chess problems. ...
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World of Warcraft: Sprites in Mists of Pandaria

March 18, 2013 in Featured Articles, Gaming
Sha Tainted Sprites Deep in one of the most remote places of Pandaria a mysterious race of sprites have a little sylvan kingdom. It is a stretch of enchanted wilderness full of crystal pools and secluded dells where Chief Rikkitun rules from Rikkitun … ...
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Petunia Dursley’s Magical Motivation

When an author creates characters that provoke rampant and sometimes heated discussion over motivations and histories, I’d warrant that the author has officially hit a Senior Echelon. When there is a magical, fantasy element to said fictional world, and the … ...
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The Fairy Ring: Portal to the Land of Fairies

A ring of mushrooms that makes up a fairy ring marks off a space that is inherently different than the space around it. The fact that it is enclosed makes that space special and lends it an air of mystery. Why is … ...
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Fairies in the Garden, a Garden for the Fairies

Many artists depict fairies in wild gardens. FairyRoom staffers love the idea of keeping an area of your garden beautiful but slightly unkempt. John Anster Christian Fitzgerald’s, Titania and Bottom, (featured in FairyRoom’s article, “Fairy Fitzgerald” and Titania’s Changeling) shows animals … ...
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