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The Fairies of Isle of Skye

February 25, 2013 in Featured Articles, Folklore, Mystic Places
The Isle of Skye, located on Scotland’s west coast, is an amazing landscape of grassy knolls, scenic hillsides, rock formations, and castles, where fairy folklore abounds. Almost everywhere you turn, there is a place that looks as if it were … ...
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Unwoman’s “Uncovered” Series Rewrites Pop Music History

When most of us dream of time travel, we fancy ourselves voyaging way, way back to attend Victorian balls and personally witness the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the building of the Pyramids or the reign of the dinosaurs. Unwoman … ...
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Annie Leibovitz Transforms Taylor Swift Into Rapunzel

Country music superstar Taylor Swift might be the last person one would expect to find featured in the pages of the Fairy Room, but this portrait is just too exquisite to pass up. Legendary photographer, Annie Leibovitz whisks the little … ...
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The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle, an alternate origin

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegen Castle is such a well-known artifact that it transcends the fairy community. Scottish history buffs and historical novel fans alike recognize it. And it is not just a story — the Fairy Flag exists in its ancient, … ...
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A Treacherous Beauty: The Hazards of Entering a Fairy Ring

January 7, 2013 in Fairy Rings, Featured Articles, Folklore
In almost every culture, punishment for entering a fairy ring is a direct consequence of crossing the boundary from the human world into the land controlled by fairies. Outside the circle of mushrooms life goes on as we expect it … ...
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The Huldufólk of Iceland

December 24, 2012 in Featured Articles, Folklore
The Huldufolk, literally meaning “hidden people,” are a group of elusive elves, goblins, and trolls found in much of Icelandic folklore. They are said to live in an invisible dimension in houses built in the cracks of rocks, caves, and in the … ...
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The Mysterious Giants of the Plain of Jars

December 10, 2012 in Featured Articles, Folklore, Mystic Places
Enigmatic and mysterious, The Plain of Jars (sometimes called “The Asian Stonehenge”) is an incredible megalith landscape of huge hand-made stone jars located in Laos. Made up of mysterious caves and hundreds of hollowed-out stones around one to three meters … ...
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Western Press Gets North Korean “Unicorn” Completely Wrong

Qing Dynasty Qilin North Korea found itself in the news last week for nothing that had to do with politics. Following a press release from KNCA... ...
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In Fairyland: The Beloved Work of Richard “Dicky” Doyle

Richard “Dicky” Doyle, 1824-1883, was one of the most beloved and prolific fairyland illustrators of the Victorian era. Though known for illustrating adult ...
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Where Do Fairy Rings Come From?

November 12, 2012 in Fairy Rings, Featured Articles, Folklore
Perfect circles of mushrooms... Round, odd patches of dead lawn... Extra-bright green rings of growth in the grass... Centuries-old folklore ...
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31 Days of Fairy Costumes

Every day this month, we’ve featured a different Fantastic costume on FairyRoom’s Tumblr. Below is a gallery of everything we’ve posted!   Horned Warrior via Custom Costume Company   Troll via Helen Budniatsky     Twig the Fairy via Kerrick … ...
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Mystic Places: The Giant’s Causeway and the Legend of Finn MacCool

The naturally occurring rock formation known as The Giant’s Causeway is so surreal to look upon that it has been named the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom. Created 50-60 million years ago, it has been a source … ...
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