Fanciful, Fairylike Bodices

Attach a stunning bodice with halter tie, combine a harmonious combination of silk, organza, chiffon and lace to make up the skirt, and the result is the Pixie Dress (pictured below) by Belinda of Romantic Threads — spellbinding and devastatingly pretty!

Romantic Threads adorns the shoulders with flowers, folded fabric, and ribbon. This exquisite piece can be custom made to your desired color and size. Charmingly, a matching children’s dress is also available.

Shift the enchantment from blushing pastel to vibrant green. You will literally shine in Woodland Meadow Faerie Costume (pictured at right) by Eve Reddin of FairyNanaLand. Made of satin, layered organza, silk flowers, velvet leaves, and ribbon, and of course sporting wings, Eve promises that this piece will “envelop you in the aura of an enchanted meadow.”

The enchantment turns again, this time to ethereal. The costume starts with a fully-lined reversible corset (with stretch material in the back). The bodice is completely covered in roses… Comely gold, rose and pink tulle attaches to an elastic waist. The Enchanted Fairy Ware costume (at left) by Enchanted Fairy Co is complete with sparkly silken halo, wand and golden wings. With or without accessories, a playful choice for fairylike fanciful diversions!

Fantastic costumes! We love it! How are you using fanciful bodices in your costuming? We’d love to see your fairy-like bodiced costume. Share with us! Submit to our Tumblr, @tweetfairies on Twitter, or write on our Facebook timeline.

Forest Fairy Makeup

 “Once upon a time in the enchanted forest lived an enchanted Forest Fairy…” so begins this whimsical makeup tutorial by Bebexo on creating this sweet green fairy look.

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What stands out: We very much appreciate Bebeko’s easy to follow step-by-step instructions that even beginners can grasp for this subtle but gorgeous look. We love the effect of the glue-on rhinestones around the eyes, which are optional, but give that extra pixie panache!

A couple of fantastic products used: Bebeko gives us a complete list of products used for this look right on the page for a handy quick reference. Even though she features every artist’s dream palette, 120 Eyeshadow Palette from Bhcosmetics, you could achieve the Forest Fairy face with just a couple of shades. But you’ll want to check this product out if you’re planning on having lots of color options for all your future forays into fairy festival-landia! 

Pair it with: We found three great options, depending on the look you’re aiming for. Bebeko shows off her green fairy with a winged costume, but we suggest any of these accessories for your own unique style.

For a sweet and subtle accessory, we like this Green Fairy Charm Necklace (at right, upper) by Tzaddishop.

How about this traditional crown to complement your makeup (at right, lower)? It’s featured on

Or if you’re a hip, modern fairy, climb into the MidSummer Green Fairy Hooded Tunic in Absinthe/Green Sparkle (below) by Opal Moon Designs.

We’d love to see your version of forest fairy. Share with us! Submit to our Tumblr, @tweetfairies on Twitter, or write on our Facebook timeline.


Green Fairy Accoutrements

The drinking of absinthe is often very ritualized activity, involving specialty spoons, glasses, sugar cubes, and other beautifully decorated paraphernalia. You don’t have to be a vintage-lover to appreciate the delicacy and care that went into crafting these Green Fairy accoutrements.

Absinthe spoons (pictured above) were traditionally highly ornate and unique, and were used to hold sugar cubes as ice water was poured over them, a process called La Louche. Many traditional absinthe spoons are extremely intricate, some even incorporating gem stones. These beautiful spoons have been appropriated by artists and crafters for use as jewelry. This simple bangle design (pictured right) by The Tamerlane makes a bold and unique accessory.

Sugar cubes were traditionally melted into glasses of absinthe through an absinthe spoon, and were often art object in themselves, beautifully wrapped in colorful packages for individual use. Today, there are many varieties of sugar “cubes” sculpted into different shapes. We love these star-shaped “absinthe-minded” sugar cubes (below) from Austin Sugar Works.

Absinthe Fountains are elegant and ornate water dispensing vessels with multiple spouts, used to stream ice water into the concentrated absinthe liquid. Though a simple carafe was a more traditional vessel for this process, it was thought that fountains gave a more steady stream, resulting in a more ideal La Louche. Vintage absinthe fountains are very much an iconic accoutrement for the Green Fairy. This majestic French Absinthe Fountain was featured on The Green Head.

Finally, what could be more appropriate than a whimsical fairy-sized set of all the classic Green Fairy accoutrements? This finely-detailed miniature accoutrement set, made by the husband-and-wife team behind Kaleidoskopic Romance, was intended for use in a dollhouse, and includes everything a Green Fairy needs, right down to the sugar cubes.

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